The Four Corners

A Major Energy Hub of the West

Since the 1960s, the Four Corners region has been one of the most critical energy producing regions in the United States and is strategically important in providing the energy necessary for the economic future of the West.

Located in the northwest corner of New Mexico where the states of Utah, Colorado, Arizona and New Mexico come together, this unique area is not only responsible for producing oil, natural gas, coal and electricity, it is also one of the main hubs in the West for electricity transmission and natural gas transportation.

But the Four Corners region is presently undergoing a dramatic transformation as aging power generation facilities and environmental concerns over greenhouse gas and other emissions are forcing the retirements of thousands of megawatts of electrical capacity from coal-fired power plants.

These megawatts will need to be replaced with a cost-effective new generation of cleaner and more efficient power plants like the Clean Path Energy Center. Clean Path will employ modern state-of-the-art technologies that will produce cleaner, more reliable and renewable energy that will help power the West well into the 21st Century.